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Kelp Is On The Way

On The Edge Option Studio

Site: Newtown, Newfoundland Canada

Instructors: Matthew Brown & Sandra Cooke (Brackish)

We were given the opportunity to travel to Newfoundland for a week to explore and appreciate the uniqueness of rural coastal landscape, community, and culture of Newfoundland. While on the island, we were able to engage with an outport community, Newtown, located in the New-Wes Valley. The objective was to provide new design strategies for the aging community.

Inspired with the abundance of kelp found during the visit of Newtown, this project aims to uncover the potential of cultivating kelp and transforming kelp into a textile and architectural material. Kelp is commonly found along the shores and locals already have the habit of collecting kelp and using it as a fertilizer.

Through the cultivation, incubation, and processing of kelp, together with the rooted culture of knitting in the community, this project would generate new and unique forms of interactions and economic activities that are currently lacking in Newtown.

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